Whitman: reading response

October 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

Whitman: 1855 Leaves of Grass

I will be having you respond to the two questions below at the beginning of class Friday; think of it as a bit of a quiz and reminder of how closely Whitman and I expect you to be reading and how prepared for class you need to be. You may prepare your thoughts in advance, should you be interested, and read this in time, whoever you are.

Reading Response

[1]Summarize the overall focus/argument that Folsom and Price provide in Re-Scripting Walt Whitman—how they approach his life and work.  Then identify a particular aspect of their focus (from chapter 2 on the emergence of Leaves) that you think is most useful/insightful.

[2]Identify a particular passage or moment in Leaves of Grass, poetry or prose (with specific reference), where you notice something significant—where you would argue we get a glimpse of what Whitman is doing, what this poem is really about.  Begin to elaborate what you see.


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